Real Estate Advertising

Maui Zoom has the knowledge to capture the attention of potential clients and buyers on today’s challenging real estate market. A proper presentation of listings has become increasingly more important. Inviting digital photographs, vibrant slideshows, full screen virtual tours and high definition videos are powerful marketing tools to deliver a lasting impression on the internet. Maui Zoom is known for precise, friendly and fast work in high quality and offers packages in different price ranges to adjust your online presence to your needs.

Aerial Photography

The advances in technology of radio-controlled aerial devices opened up new dimensions for aerial photo- and videography. Maui Zoom is able to offer high definition aerial pictures and videos. There is a way to get breathtaking aerial pictures of your property without chartering a helicopter! Our “Flying Cameras” are ecofriendly and unobtrusive. They make it possible to capture your home and your property from different viewpointsat a variety of altitudes. We are able to fly in close proximity to your home and up to 400 feet of altitude. Aerial shots will document your property and its surroundings from an entirely new perspective. We now can show your house in a different light, emphasize its architecture, the beauty of its location and the incredible nature of Maui from a new exciting bird’s eye view.
Get some breathtaking aerial shots from your home and make a difference in your listing.


Mobile Version

More and more people are browsing websites through their mobile devices instead of their computers. Everyone wants to remain connected to their favorite websites on the go. Especially in Real Estate, customers will appreciate to be able to access listed objects where ever they are. Therefore Maui Zoom has optimized its website to work on all mobile devices. The new site is loading up fast, is easy to read and simple to navigate even on smaller screens.

Scan this QR Code with your phone to see the Maui Zoom Mobile Version.

Maui mobile